In Celebration of the Hedgehog

In twilight's embrace, where secrets unfold. A creature awakes, both timid and bold. With quills of enchantment, a spiky disguise. The hedgehog emerges, a wonder in disguise.
In moonlit meadows, it dances with grace. A ballad of quivers, it dances with grace. A solitary poet, in shadows it roams. Whispering tales of ancient woodlands and homes.
Oh hedgehog, thou messenger of the night. With quivering spines, a celestial light. You teach us the lessons of patience and care. In your humble presence, we find solace rare.
As stars twinkle above, your presence brings cheer. A gentle reminder, dispelling all fear. In your tiny form, a warrior you stand. Resilience embodied, in this enchanted land.
So let us celebrate this magical sprite. The hedgehog's charm, a beacon of light. With every gentle rustle and tender sound. A symphony of nature where beauty is found.
poem created by Antigone Means with assists from askAI, photos generated by Bing AI.

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